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Carry On

Title: Carry On
Author: foxycasbones
Series: AOS
Character/Pairing(s): Jim/Bones
Rating: Explicit
Word Count:50696
Warnings: See fic
Summary:Tarsus IV - Warzone AU. Leonard McCoy's past gets exposed to the entire Bridge Crew, and he has to deal with the consequences. Deeply repressed memories resurface and questions are asked. Leonard realises that his best friend, Jim Kirk is a bit too similar to his long lost childhood friend from Tarsus IV, Jamie. What happened to Jamie's brother, Sammy? Everything Leonard has known changes, and it changes fast. No one knows whether it's for the better or worse. Eventual Jim/Bones.
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Star Trek Big Bang - Art Master post

Finally! Here it is. The STBB was quite the experience. How I finished everything, no one knows. Oh well, I did it, and it was amazing! I had the best author in the entire world, I loved working with her. Go check out her fics and read them! They are amazing <3

Word of advice: don't sign up for both art and fic when your school/work load is at least seventy hours per week... I've certainly learnt my lesson.

Will It Not Be a Clarity Between Two Dark Triangles by ken_ichijouji

My art



Dear Cory,

My goodbye letter to Cory. Tonight is the memorial episode, and this will probably also be the last episode I will ever watch. Some people asked if I could post it on Tumblr and LJ…So here it is.

The LetterCollapse )

Drabble: Homework

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Willow/Tara
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~500
Summary:Willow realizes that her feelings for Tara aren't completely platonic after all.
A/N: Just throwing this out there, I needed a break from my homework.


Bones drawing
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Fanart: Amelia Pond

Bones drawing
Come along, Pond...Collapse )

This drawing took me about 5 months to finish... I kept forgetting about it, lol
My best friend and her band are working on their first EP! And now they've asked me to do the cover-art and make a flyer. I'm thrilled! Once the EP has been released I'll post a link on my LJ account. :)

Only three weeks of my summer vacation left, it feels like years ago since I last went to school. I'm thrilled for my new education, wohoo for studying English. I'm very excited, but also terrified. Omg university...

I'm doing well with my stbb, but there's still so much to write, I love writing it so much, but the 6/5 days working and writing lots and lots of words are taking its toll. I really need to learn how to relax a bit, I've always had this problem, but I had a good sleep last night, so I'm fine :) I already passed the minimum, so that's good.

I'm beta'ing two fics right now, both are for the stbb, I really haven't had time to go through them, but I want to finish beta'ing at least one fic this week.

*goes back to writing*

Fanart: Willow and Tara

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I hope you like it :)



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